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Tales of Middle Earth is an online resource centre and social network just for players of Games Workshop's Middle Earth SBG (Strategy Battle Game. Formally The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings SBG). Run by gamers for gamers, it is our mission to make it easier than ever for the community to share their knowledge, experience and tips with other players.

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New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - Gondor
The Seat of Seeing was an ancient chair built upon the summit of Amon Hen within a great circular stone-paved court surrounded by a battlement. This article shows how to make the Seeing Seat using Hirst Art blocks.

New Article
- posted in Downloads
A handy gaming aid to keep track of a hero's Might, Will, Fate and Wounds. Easy and quick to make.

New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - General
A guide to making forests using 4 Ground bases.

New Product Review Video: Gamemat.eu Wastelands Battlemat

New Article
- posted in Building Middle Earth - Gondor
A video guide on how to make the gates and walls of Minas Tirith in a modular fashion.

New Article

Forge World Preview: Khamûl the Easterling
Taken from: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/12/11/forge-world-preview-khamul-easterling/

Forge World has been hard at work fleshing out the world of Middle-earth™ with a range of models from The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™, and soon, Evil players will be able to add one of the notorious Nazgûl to their armies with a new model for Khamûl the Easterling.

Khamûl the Easterling is perhaps the most noteworthy of the Nazgul outside of the Witch King of Angmar himself. Did you know, for example, that he’s the only Ringwraith, apart from the aforementioned Witch King, named by Tolkien in the books? And did you know that, in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™, the Ringwraith that hunts Frodo at the beginning of the story is Khamûl? Indeed, following the death of his superior, Khamûl the Easterling would go on to lead the Nazgûl at the Battle of the Black Gate.

Khamûl the Easterling’s latest miniature depicts him as he appears during The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies™. In this incarnation, he’s clad in ornate armour similar to that worn by the other Easterlings and should look right at home with the rest of your Nazgûl.

You’ll be able to add Khamûl the Easterling to your collection next year – in the meantime, why not browse Forge World’s full range of Middle-earth models?

Things to look forward to in Battle Companies
Warhammer Community has some exciting details about the upcoming Battle Companies release:


Second part of the Build Me an Army series up

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