Snow Troll


Snow-trolls are smaller than their southern relatives, but they are usually ten feet tall. Their skin and fur colour is usually white or light grey and they are rather short for trolls. They also possess short and powerful legs to carry them long distances, and icy blue eyes that glow faintly in the dark. They can go for long periods without food, but when they see something edible, be it bear or Mannish hunter, they are unstoppable. When exposed to direct sunlight, Snow Trolls turn into huge pillars of icy slag, mysterious but fairly natural in appearance. In this form they are vulnerable to any thing that harms ice: heat, sharp blows, salt, but if unharmed, they regain their normal form at nightfall. Gaunt and ghastly, Snow Trolls prowl and prey in the northern regions of Middle-earth.

Snow TrollF


Club.............................5 points

Club. Snow trolls do not craft their own weapons instead they make use of crude wooden clubs. They can wield these either one or two handed and must be declared which before the Duel Roll is made.

Special Rules

Terror. See main rules manual.

Throw Stones. See Cave Troll entry in Moria book.

Heavy on the Ice. There are many creatures that live in harsh cold environments and are well versed in traversing the icy plains, but unfortunately their weight goes against them on ice.

When rolling on the Ice Table*, Snow Trolls suffer a -1 penalty to the result. If they get a success they may move at their full speed.

Use to the Cold. A model with this special rule is not affected by the “Deadly Cold” or “Freezing Cold” Environmental Conditions in play*.

* See Winter in Middle-earth.

To make a Snow Troll see the article Of Mount Gram and the North - Snow Trolls.