The Mewlip Marshes

The Tale

During the settling of the Shire, Hobbits had to travel a great distance often in to dangerous lands. Here a group of Hobbits have stumbled into the swamps where the Mewlips dwell...


10 Hobbit Militia

2 Mewlips
1 Murder of Gorcrows


This is played on a 2’ by 2’ board and the entire board is considered swampy bog land. The scattered around the board are rocks, bushes and ruins. Six bone piles can be placed on the board but can not be nearer than 6” to another pile.

Starting Positions

The Good player deploys his models no more than 2” from eastern edge of the board, the opposite edge will then be considered the exit edge.

The Evil player does not deploy his models, instead he shuffles his tokens (see below) facedown so neither player can see what they contain. He then deploys them anywhere on the board but no nearer than 6” from any other token or model. The Murder of Gorcrows is the deployed no more than 6” from the exit board edge.

Initial Priority

The Good player takes first priority.


For the Good player to win, at least Five Hobbits must escape the board by exiting the board from the opposite edge from which they started.

The Evil player wins if the Good player does not achieve this objective.

Special Rules

Swamp. Whilst the entire board is considered a marsh it is not too treacherous, as such the Hobbits can move at normal speed.

Feeling Unsafe. The Hobbits are far from home and in a dangerous part of the world, now having all but lost their wits to terror. The Hobbits must always test their Courage at the start of their Move. If a Hobbit fails, the Hobbit is considered panicked and the Evil player gets to move him instead, exactly is he had been Compelled.

Mewlips. During the Evil Players turn they move all the Mewlip tokens as if they were actual Mewlips. Once any tokens come into base contact with a
Hobbit it is turned over.

If it is a Mewlip token it is replaced with a Mewlip model and that Hobbit is considered to now be in combat. The token is removed and placed to one side. If it is an empty token it is removed and placed to one side, separate from any removed Mewlip tokens.

Any Mewlips that are killed by the Hobbits can have its token added to the removed empty token pile.

At the start of the turn, before priority is rolled, the evil player can reshuffle the empty token pile and deploy them on anyboard edge but no nearer than 5" to any other token or model.

Hit and Run. At the end of the turn, any Mewlips that have not been killed are removed from the board and their tokens are added to the empty token pile.

If you know that there are no more mewlip tokens left on the board, all tokens are removed, shuffled and redeployed at the start of the turn before priority
is rolled.

Bone Piles. The bone piles are the Mewlips previous victims and cause dread in the already scared Hobbits. As such any Hobbits within 3” of a Bone Pile have their Courage reduced by 1 point.


You can download this scenario as a PDF with a handy reference sheet of the troops involved.

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