Simple Cavern Gaming Boards

Materials and Equipment:
2 X 4' by 2' 1/2” thick MDF
PVA Glue
Various Sands
Black Paint
Grey Paints
Brown Paint


In Simple Gaming Boards we created a grass lands gaming board but when battling in Middle-earth, there is more terrain to be fought on. This article covers making a cavern gaming board. These can be used as the name suggests, for caverns such as Moria and Goblin Towns and also for barren terrain like Dagorlad for The Last Alliance battles.

If you have made the grass boards you can use the reverse side to save space and money. That's two gaming boards for the price of one!

Texturing the Boards

First cover the boards in PVA glue.

Cover the boards in various sands, I used a fine sand brought from a craft store, Games Workshop sand and a fine gravel from a model railway shop.

Allow to dry and remove the excess sand.

Painting the Boards

First undercoat in black.

Next drybrush using circular motions in a dark grey paint (imagine a 50/50 mix of Codex Grey and Chaos Black. Next drybrush using a lighter grey (same lightness as Codex Grey

Finally in small areas drybrush some brown in places.

The Final Boards

And that's all there is to it. These boards will be used a lot in future articles, I have planned making some Misty Mountains bits, Goblin Town and a lot of Moria pieces.