The Seeing Seat of Amon Hen

Materials and Equipment:
5mm Thick Foamcore
Hirst Art Molds #40*, #60, and #65
Herculite 2 Casting Plaster
Masking Tape
Poly Filler
Coffee Stirrer Stick
Modelling Sand
Various Flocks
PVA Glue
Craft Knife
Black, Brown, and Grey Paints

* You can get this project made with out this mold as #60 contains plain blocks, but this will cut the time it takes to cast the blocks needed.

Soon he came out alone on the summit of Amon Hen, and halted, gasping for breath. He saw as through a mist a wide flat circle, paved with mighty flags, and surrounded with a crumbling battlement; and in the middle, set upon four carven pillars, was a high seat, reached by a stair of many steps. Up he went and sat upon the ancient chair, feeling like a lost child that had clambered upon the throne of mountain-kings.


Amon Hen (Sindarin amon “hill” + hen “eye”) was the westernmost of the three peaks at the southern end of Nen Hithoel, which was a large lake upon the Great River Anduin amid the Emyn Muil to the east of Rohan, and considered to be within the Realm of Gondor.

On its eastern side at the foot of the hill lay the lawn of Parth Galen and the western portion of the Anduin that flowed past Tol Brandir. Above Parth Galen the hill rose in gentle slopes to its flattened summit. Just to the south of the hill was the North Stair. The western face of the hill was steeper than on the east.
Upon Amon Hen were the remains of an ancient road that had dwindled to little more than a path. In places where the hill grew steep, stairs had been hewn, although over time they had become cracked, worn, and split by tree roots. The path wound through rowan trees to the summit, where there was a wide flat circle paved with large stones and encircled with a ruined battlement. In the center of the circle was an ancient chair, the Seat of Seeing.
The Seat of Seeing was an ancient chair built upon the summit of Amon Hen within a great circular stone-paved court surrounded by a battlement. By the time Frodo Baggins visited the Seat it lay in ruins. The high seat rested upon four carven pillars and could be reached by a stair of many steps.

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