Forests Using 4 Ground Bases

Materials, Equipment and Paints Used:
4 Ground Large Tree Base
4 Ground Small Tree Base
Poly Fila (Spackle)
Small Stones
Woodland Scenics Soil Flock
Tea Leaves
Dead Leaf Scatter
Plastic Aquarium Fern Plant
Green Flock
PVA Glue
Brown Paint

They picked a way among the trees, and their ponies plodded along, carefully avoiding the many writhing and interlacing roots. There was no undergrowth. The ground was rising steadily, and as they went forward it seemed that the trees became taller, darker, and thicker. There was no sound, except an occasional drip of moisture falling through the still leaves. For the moment there was no whispering or movement among the branches; but they all got an uncomfortable feeling that they were being watched with disapproval, deepening to dislike and even enmity. The feeling steadily grew, until they found themselves looking up quickly, or glancing back over their shoulders, as if they expected a sudden blow.
There was not as yet any sign of a path, and the trees seemed constantly to bar their way. Pippin suddenly felt that he could not bear it any longer, and without warning let out a shout. 'Oi! Oi!' he cried. 'I am not going to do anything. Just let me pass through, will you!'


Forests are a prominent feature in Middle Earth from the Old Forest to Mirkwood, Lothlorien to Fangorn, and they are important to the game too, with rules for difficult terrain and Woodland Creatures. This video article shows how to quickly and easily make forests using 4 Ground bases.

The Tutorial