SBG Quest Moria


SBG Quest Moria is an expansion to the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game in which a warband or Battle Company explores the depths of Moria. The warriors much reach one of four objective rooms, with each objective room having three scenarios, one of which is randomly chosen at the start for the warriors to win to complete their quest.

The path before the warriors is randomly chosen, so each time they enter moria their path and quest will be different. There are enemies to face, treasures to win and traps to avoid. The expansion contains the rules needed to play plus three deck of cards that can be printed off forming the dungeon deck, the event deck and the treasure deck as well as treasure and trap tokens needed to play.

Reach a doorway and explore, revealing the next card in the dungeon deck, and follow its instructions to explore the next chamber. Face the enemies you encounter and quest forth into the depths of Moria.

There are treasures to be discovered, some are valuable items to aid you in your journey and some can allow you to gain much needed reinforcements at the end when you face the last challenge.

How will the quest end? Only you and your opponent can determine that outcome when you play SBG Quest Moria.

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Download and extract the pdf files contained within, then print them out. The decks should be printed out double sided and print at 100% scale.