The Night of the Barrow Dead

The Tale

Halmir's face and clothes were covered in black Orc blood. It had been a hard felt battle but he and his men had succeeded. The Orcs that remained alive had fled back north. The Rangers felled a few more with arrows as they scattered and then had returned to the nearest settlement.
“You three remain here for three days and then return to back to us. Now I am going to have a bath to wash this foul stuff from me, and I suggest you all do the same.”

The next day Halmir returned to his Captain and reported the success of his mission. The Captain was pleased with the outcome and spoke.
“You have done well Halmir, but I have another task for you. I know you have just returned but this one should not be as perilous as the last, in fact it is probably just frightened villagers tales so you may get some time to rest yet. There have been strange reports from Bree of foul creatures being seen at night, the villagers say they are the undead come up from the Barrow Downs. Over the past few days the sightings have become more frequent. The villagers are scared to walk the streets at night.”
“The walking dead? I know the Barrow Downs to have such abominations but never have I heard tell of any coming so far from their graves. Are you sure it is so?” Halmir thought back to his time in the Barrow Downs. It was not an experience he wanted to repeat, a shiver went down his spine thinking of the unnatural air of the place.
“I thought so myself at first but the news comes from more than one source.”
“I shall leave at once and take three Rangers with me.”

Narzug looked about his fallen Orcs. Their lives meant nothing to him, they had had failed in their task and paid the price. He searched for Azburz, the chieftain and his father. The last he saw of him he was fending off two Rangers, one was apparently the humans captain. Curse him. He walked about the ruins bending every so often to pull a hewn corpse of an Orc over. He stopped suddenly when he saw a body he recognized, that of his father. He rushed over to where the body laid and saw that its head had been severed from its shoulders. Azburz, chieftain of his tribe was dead. Anger and range filled boiled within him.
“I am the new chieftain and I shall have my revenge.

“They are searching for what we stole aren't they?” The Dwarf spoke gruffly.
“We can't be sure, they could be after something or someone else.” Even Otto didn't sound like he believed himself.
“It can't be just a coincidence that the night after we steal from the barrows the dead are seen on the streets of Bree.”
“What do you suggest we do? Return what we took, we won't get paid that way?” Otto couldn't imagine not getting the money for his hard work, this could have been the job that saw him live comfortably for the rest of his life. “You won't get paid.” He clenched his fists as if worried that Fonli would snatch them.
“I would rather have my life than money and I won't hold you responsible for me not getting my share.” He chuckled thinking back to what he has said to the Hobbit on the first day they had met. “Where is the sceptre now Otto?”
“I have it stored somewhere in the Chetwood, why is that?” Otto look at Fonli with a slight look of suspicion.
“Go get it and bring it back here. We are going to return it, tonight, and the rest of what we took. I will hold your debt to me for filled.”
Otto looked at the Dwarf as if he had just insulted his mother. Return the sceptre and not get any money seemed preposterous to Otto but not having a debt to the Dwarf meant keeping his hands.
“If I leave now I should be back this evening. Meet my outside my house just after dark. I shall have the sceptre with me. Are you sure about his Fonli? What about the others, what shall we tell them?”
“I am sure and leave the others to me, I shall explain it to them when you are away. I am sure they will see it our way.” Fonli tapped the wood axe at his side. Otto knew that Fonli would do no such act upon them and the gesture was just for show. In fact since he had befriended the dwarf he knew he was not as mean and gruff as he would seem. He nodded to the dwarf and turned and made his way to the gatehouse on the eastern side of town. It was late morning he needed to make haste to get there and back before night fall.

Otto reached the Chetwood without incident although he couldn't but feel like he was being followed by someone. He saw no sign of anyone and had at one time even rounded a corner and quickly hid from view and waiting. Hobbits are renowned for being able to hide well and even the best tracker would have had difficulty in finding him. He waited and waited but no one came into view. He told himself he was being foolish and after a while continued on his way.
He entered the woods and kept his guard whilst the woods where not as wild and dangerous as some in Middle earth they still had wolves that roamed wild from a time and the southern part of the wood was said to house a group of bandits. Otto wished to cross paths with neither. He made his way to where he had buried the treasure and saw that his marking stone remained untouched. It didn't take him long to dig up and retrieve the spoils from the barrow downs. A crow cawed somewhere within the wood and made Otto jump. He hurried up his task and started to make his way back out of the forest.
It was just getting dark as he returned to the streets of Bree and Otto made his way back to his house. Fonli was there waiting for him.
“Did you get it?”
“Yes, here it is.” Otto handed him the sack containing the items. “Did you speak to the others? What did they say?”
“I spoke to them aye and they saw it our way, told you they would.”
“So will they be accompanying us to back to the Barrow downs?”
“No, it is just you and I.”
“Well you had best be off, although I have to say I don't much fancy crossing the downs at nig...”
His words were cut short by a crying coming from the west.
“What on earth is all that commotion?” The Dwarf turned his head to the direction of the shouts.
They both strained the ears to listen then heard the words clearly.
“The dead! The dead are coming!”
“That's the gatekeeper shouting.” Otto panicked.
“We are too late, they have come for us.”
They ran to the western gate to where the cries were coming from, there they found the gatekeeper in a state of great fear. They looked out through one of the windows in the doors and could see some hundred yards away a horde of shambling terror making their way towards the gates. Otto and Fonli looked at each other for a while, each unsure as what course of action to take and then turned around and ran back the way they came.

The gatekeeper could do nothing but watch as the undead horde advanced. They would be upon him soon. He turned and looked back towards the town, it was only just dark and there were still villagers going about their lives. H turned back to look at the dead and now only fifty yards away he could see cruel weapons in their hands. This time they were here to kill he was sure. He could not foresee any hope for the town this night. He closed his eyes as the horror outside reached the gates.
“The living stole from the dead, now the dead will steal the life of the living.” The voice was cold and cruel.
“There shall be no dawn for the town of Bree.”
The dead were almost upon the town. The gates remained unlocked but the gatekeeper was frozen in fear.


During a dark night, the gate watchman spooks the twisted form of the undead marching towards the town, in an unstoppable search for something that was taken from them.


3 Rangers of the North
Otto Brandyleaf
Harry the Gatekeeper
Melendir Town Guard Captain
6 Town Guard (4 with sword and shield, 2 with bow)
20 Villagers

4 Barrow Wights
2 Shades
12 Spectres
2 Bat Swarms


4' by 4' board with many houses and roads representing the village of Bree. See map for details.

Starting Positions

The Gatekeeper starts outside the gatehouse, 2” from the gates (see map)
The Captain and the Guard my start anywhere on the eastern board edge.
Halmir and the Rangers are not deployed at the start of the game but are held back as reinforcements.

All evil forces are set up anywhere with in 6” of the western gates and 6” of the north entrance.

Once all the forces have been set up, each player starting with the good side takes turn to place villagers within the town. They can not be pleased nearer than 6” from any model except another villager.


The force of evil is trying to recover a missing artefact and will kill and search all the villagers they can in their hatred of the living and desire to retrieve the item. If they can kill 15 or more villagers before the dawn they win the game, others the good side win.

Special Rules

Breelanders. The good player can move the villagers during their move turn. The villagers will not strike if they win their fights as they are fleeing for their lives.


Barricade the Doors. If your house models allow it you can move villagers (and other models) inside them and bar the doors. See siege rules of the main rule book for details.

The Rangers. At the start of each good sides turn (including the first) role a die, on a result of 5+ the Rangers arrive and may deploy from the north entrance and can act as normal, even charging if the so wish. On each successive role that is needed reduce the result by 1.

The Dawn. At the start of turn 8 and each turn there after the player with priority rules a die, on a result of six the dawn has come and the game ends. Count how many villagers have been slain and how many survive and work out which side wins.