The Dragons of Fire and Word

The Tale

The land to the east of Erebor in centuries past was settled by the Northmen, once stout warriors now these men are more used to farming, hunting and wine making than war. There are many small hamlets and villages and they trade food and drink with the Dwarves of the Iron Hills. The gold they get is used to decorate their homes and great meeting halls. Tales of the gold of the Northmen has spread to the Withered Heath, and reached the ears of those that desire it.

Most of the great dragons of old are now long since dead but there are still many lesser worms that though smaller in statue, their cunning and ambition is just as great. Normally dragons are solitary creatures but there is a strange relationship of a fire breathing dragon and another known for its spellcraft, which has formed for mutual benefit that is provides for both of them.

Naurlúg the fire breather and Lúthlúg the spell caster, have bands of Orcs whom pay tribute to them and the dragons use them to do their bidding. They will get them to raid towns and settlements for gold to increase the size of the modest horde. They have heard of the village of Stonebridge and of the Dwarven gold that it contains. The men of that town whilst great hunters are not the warriors they once were, so should be easy pickings for the dragons and their Orcs.

Murin and Drar the renowned Dragon hunters of the Iron Hills have heard that these two dragons have been raiding villages of the Northmen and so have dispatched Dwarven Rangers to Stonebridge. There the rangers catch sight of the dragons and their Orc thralls gathering to the north. A raven is dispatched to alert Murin and Drar to the danger now facing the village. The captain knows that he and his rangers must aid the men of the town.


Warband 1
Bram the Town Chieftain (use Rohan Captain Profile)
12 Northmen Warriors (4 with bow, 4 with shield and hand weapon, and 4 with throwing spear and hand weapon) (use Rohan Warrior profiles)

Warband 2
Murin and Drar
12 Dwarf Warriors (4 with bow, 4 with shield and hand weapon, 4 with two handed weapon)

Warband 3
Dwarf Captain
8 Dwarf Rangers (3 with bow, 3 with throwing axe, and 2 with two handed weapon)

Warband 4
10 Villagers

Raiding Party 1
Naurlúg the fire breather (Dragon with Fly and Breathe Fire upgrades)
Orc Captain with shield and hand weapon
12 Orc Warriors (4 with bow, 4 with shield and hand weapon, 4 with two handed weapon)
6 Orc Trackers

Raiding Party 2
Lúthlúg the spell caster (Dragon with Fly and Wyrmtongue upgrades)
Orc Captain with shield and hand weapon
12 Orc Warriors (4 with bow, 4 with shield and hand weapon, 4 with two handed weapon)
4 Warg Riders with bow


This scenario is played on a board 48”/112cm by 48”/12cm representing a part of the village of Stonebridge. The area contains three residential houses and the tavern of the Sleeping Duck. The buildings are set up within the centre of the board. If possible try to have buildings that the interiors can be accessed.

The village is nestled within the eaves of a small forest and as such the eastern, western and northern edges of the board should be covered in trees. A river with rocky banks passes from across the length of the board and is crossable only by a single stone bridge on the eastern side. The remainder of the board consists of open ground.

12 treasure and food tokens are placed within the village, with 3 each being position in contact with each of the 4 buildings. They are placed alternatively by the good side then evil until each token is in place.

Starting Positions

The Northmen Warriors and five villagers are placed in an area 12” from the centre of the board. The remaining five villagers are placed inside any of the buildings.

The Dwarves in warband 3 are positioned on the path 12” from the northern edge.

The Dwarves of warband 2 are kept back in reserve at the start of the game.

Naurlúg and her orcs are positioned anywhere on the northern edge.

Lúthlúg and his orcs are positioned anywhere on the southern edge.

No other models except for five of the villagers can start inside any of the buildings.


The Orcs led by the Dragons have to carry treasure and food off of the northern board edge, as well as eat any villagers and lay ruin to the buildings.

For each token carried off of the northern edge the evil side gets 1 point, for each token remaining on the board the good side get 1 point.

For each villager that has been devoured by a dragon gains the evil side 1 point and for each one surviving the good side gets 1 point.

For each building burnt the evil player gets 1 point, for each surviving building the good side gets 1 point. The Sleeping Duck inn can reward up to 3 points and even have its points split between the sides, and each other building is 1 point each.

Special Rules

End of the Raid. The game will suddenly end when any force is reduced to 25%. The warband containing Murin and Drar are included when working out the numbers of the good side.

Evil models removed for carrying tokens off of the northern board edge are counted towards working out the numbers removed for the evil side.

The game will also end if all the tokens have been removed.

Treasure and Food. The Orcs are here to collect treasure for the dragons and if they can, food and drink for themselves. The treasure and food tokens are considered Heavy Objects as per the main rules. The dragons can carry one token and won’t be encumbered by it moving at their normal rate. The tokens need to be carried off of the northern board edge. The model carrying the token is also removed from play.

Self-Preservation. Dragons are known for their self-preservation, and so are the Orcs in their service, who are brave and cruel whilst their evil master is on the board. Whenever a dragon is removed from play for whatever reason, the Orcs in their service have to take a courage test as if the evil side is broken. Because of this it is a good idea to have two raiding parties of orcs painted distinctly from each other so you can tell which orc belongs to which raiding party.

If one dragon is killed or flees but the other remains, that dragon can attempt to take over the others Orcs. To do so they can spend a point of Might and then must pass a Courage Test. If this is successfully then all the Orcs now join that dragon and no longer have to make courage tests.

Murin and Drar. The raven has reached Murin and Drar and they have been quickly marching to the town since with a warband of Dwarves. Before priority is rolled after the first turn there is a chance that Murin and Drar have reached the town. On a roll of 3+ they will arrive from the southern board edge and can move and act normally, even charging enemies if the can.

Buildings. The buildings can be entered by all models except for the dragons, which are far too large to gain access. Treasure and food tokens may be carried inside the buildings.

Naurlúg can use her fire to burn the buildings. No damage test is needed, the fire automatically does damage if the fire was successfully rolled. The inn will take three blasts before it is caught alight, and the residential buildings will only take one blast. Remove the roof, or use some other means to indicate that the building is ablaze. This building can no longer be entered. Any models inside are automatically slain (even if they have fate they will never make it out of the burning building alive). Any treasure tokens inside will only be able to be reached by the dragons, who can fly inside to retrieve them.

Villagers. The good player can move the villagers during their move turn. The villagers will not strike if they win their fights as they are fleeing for their lives.


The evil player can elect to not kill villagers if in combat with them but knock them out. The villagers are then consider Paralysed as per the main rules. They also count as Heavy Objects.

If a dragon ends its turn in base contact with the knocked out villager it will eat it and doing so can restore either a wound, will or might that has been spent. Note this can never take the dragon over its starting value. To find out which the dragon gains roll a D6 and consult the table below:

1-2 Wound restored
3-4 Will restored
5-6 Might restored

A dragon in combat with a villager that is not knocked out can just eat it if it wins the combat, and can even eat multiple villagers in one fight.


You can download this scenario as a PDF with a handy reference sheet of the troops involved.

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