The Ruins Of Fornost

Part One - In Search of Barrow Treasure
Part Two - The Ruins Of Fornost
Part Three - The Night of the Barrow Dead (Coming Soon)
Part Four - The Revenge of Narzug (Coming Soon)
Part Five - Flight from the Dead (Coming Soon)

The Tale

“Are they still behind us?” Bungo's voice was high pitched and full of fear.
“No I think we have lost them.” Ted panted, out of breath as they sprinted full speed.
“What where those things?” The Dwarf did not even looked fussed by the stress of the run but even his voice had a hint of panic.
“Barrow Wights, but I thought they were just stuff of myth and legend, ghost stories to tell children at night.” Otto was looking behind “yes we have definitely lost them.” He slowed his pace.
“That was awful, I never again want to set foot in that place.”
“Yes Bill I am with you on that.” Fredegar agreed.
The all slowed their pace and caught their breath.
“Well at least we got what we came for, the sceptre of Malbeth the Seer! We are going to be rich. Come on back to Bree.”

The door watchman of Bree peered out of his window. It was a dark night and as was usual for the region the rained was pouring down. In the distance there was a rumble of thunder. He could see nothing unusual but it was his job to keep watch. I was at this moment that lightning lit up the sky and a scream pierced the silence of the night. He grabbed his lantern and ran outside. The guard was already alerted and racing to the source of the outcry. They discovered a woman cowering in an alley way.
“What happened here?” one of the guards asked?
“The dead. The dead walk!” The woman replied.

The next night the streets of Bree were empty, the story had reached the villagers and they were locked safely in their homes. They knew what it was that was seen. The Wights from the Barrow Downs are entered Bree and had come for some unknown purpose and none wanted to be caught outside. The mayor had addressed the town earlier that day saying there was nothing to be alarmed of, it was just the woman's imagination but the townsfolk knew better. They knew that someone had been abroad on the Downs and now the dead were coming for revenge. Some of them even guessed rightly that someone had taken something belonging to the barrows. The watchman was back in his little hut, looking out in to the dark once more. He thought of the events last night and the description the woman gave of the ghost she had seen. A shiver ran down his spine and in his mind he saw them walking towards him, and he wished he wasn't alone. From outside he heard a groaning sound and opened his door a crack, peering out to see what made that sound. What he saw haunted him for the rest of his days, skeletal figures in flowing rags where walking towards the town. One stopped and lifted its head slightly, then slowly it began to turn back to look in the watchman's direction. He quickly slammed the door shut leaning against it just, barricading it with his weight just in case those things tried to force their way in and closed his eyes. Hoping beyond hope that that thing had not seen him.

These events carried on for another four days, with the sightings getting more and more numerous. The townsfolk were in panic and nothing the mayor said could calm them down. They knew something needed to be done but what that was could not be agreed upon. Otto attended the meeting and was worried. It would only be a matter of time until the searching dead discovered him and the stolen treasure, and what then? What would they do to him as revenge? He wondered if he should smuggle the stolen goods out of town and sell them elsewhere. If he did that would the dead stop haunting the streets of Bree at night? Would they harass the town in which he sold the sceptre? He had so many questions and not one answer to go with them. One thing that did not cross his mind was to return the treasure to its rightful place. No, there was too much coin at stake, and whilst he and Fonli had become firm friends in a short amount of time he was unsure how the Dwarf would take the news of not getting paid. He looked down at his hands, which he was rather attached to. He didn't stay to hear the end of the meeting he needed to get the sceptre out of town. If he had stayed he would have heard that they had guessed correctly, that someone or ones had stolen treasure from the barrows and the Wights must be searching for it. All houses would be searched by the guards starting immediately.

Halmir listened to his captain carefully. “There has been growing reports of Orc raids on the settlements around the old ruins of Fornost. It appears they are getting braver and taking livestock and slaughtering all who get in their way. They also have been joined by Trolls, probably come down from the nearby hills. I want you to take some men with you and put a stop to this. We can't have good free folk being terrorised like this.”
Halmir nodded in agreement. “It shall be done my lord. I shall take eight of our rangers with me. It shouldn't take much to vanquish our foes and drive them back to the foul pits in which they came from.”
With that Halmir bowed and left the room. He knew just the men he would take, he had been on missions with each of them before and they had all proved their worth. They would travel light, they could find food on the road, so they could move at the greatest speed. It only took an hour for him to assembly his men and for them to pack their gear and then they were abroad on their mission. Even it was autumn the weather was bright and they made good initial progress but it didn't last. The next day the rains began and did not let up and soon their progress was slow and hard work. This carried on for the next few days of their journey although they didn't head straight to their destination, first they visited some settlements to gather more information about what they were dealing with. It seemed the initial reports where indeed correct, the Orcs where joined by Trolls and there was reports of something else, some shadow of evil. Halmir had an idea of what this could be but hoped he was wrong.
They stayed overnight at one village as they were all indeed of a good night’s sleep and refreshment as tomorrow would bring conflict and they would need all their strength.
“So Halmir, what is the plan?”
“We shall leave at Dawn for the ruins of Fornost, it is not far now from this village. The light of the sun shall protect us as best it can. Then we will engage the enemy. If we strike hard and fast we can force them to retreat from the area. Once complete three of us shall remain behind for a while to keep watch on the settlements to make sure we have indeed been successful in our mission.” Halmir didn't have a doubt that they would succeed but it was wise to be sure.
“Well then, let us get some sleep, there will be hardship soon enough.”

The sun had not yet risen when nine Dunedain Rangers begun their journey towards the ruins of Fornost. They had been marching for an hour when one of them spoke.
“Shouldn't the sun be up by now?”
Halmir looked to the sky “There is dark magic at work, there will be not much sun today. Curses, this is not what we need.”
Rangers are hardy folk and while this was a set back to their plans it would not prevent them from carrying out the task at hand. They soon reached the first of the ruined walls.
“Let's hope we can gain entry undetected.” and with that an arrow whistled past their heads. “Well I guess I spoke too soon.”
A horn sounded from the ruins and the harsh cries of Orcs went up.
“Ready yourselves men!” Shouted Halmir drawing his blade. “It is time to show our worth, let us be done with it.”
They each drew their own blades and charged towards the ruined walls, dodging arrows as they went.
“Good job Orcs are such terrible shots.” one Ranger remarked.
They waited but a moment with their backs against the wall to gather themselves when a group of Orcs rounded the corner.
“For Numenor” A Ranger cried and they slew the Orcs.
“Rangers, let us put an end to them!”

Narzug stood on what was once a guard tower but now was nothing but a crumbling ruin. It was a dark night, the morning sun would soon be here. He was the son of the great Orc chieftain, Azburz, and had been commanded to keep watch. The Trackers had spied Rangers making their way to their camp. As yet he could see no sign of them, he relished the chance to show the chieftain his brutality in dealing with these human scum. Beside him he had his best archers at the ready, their arrow tips dripping in foul poison. Something moved amongst the shadows beyond the walls of the ruins. This was it, the Rangers had arrived. He turned to the Orc standing next time,
“Sound the horn.” His voice was cold and cruel. ”Unleash your arrows.”


Hamir and a group of eight Rangers have travelled to Fornost to repel a group of Orcs and Trolls that have gathered there and have been raiding near by settlements.


8 Rangers of the North

10 Hunter Orcs
1 Hill Troll (use Cave Troll profile)
6 Fell Wargs


4' by 4' board with ruins scattered all about, some of the ruins should be multi levelled. (see map)

Starting Positions

The good force sets up on the southern edge of the board no more than 6” from the board edge.
The evil force sets up any where else on the board but no nearer than 12” from any good model.
The Fell Wargs are not deployed at the start of the game but are held back as reinforcements.


The good force aims to drive the Orcs back and as such once the evil force is reduce to 25% the good force win.
If Halmir is killed the evil force wins or if the good force is reduced to 25%.
If all outcomes are reached in the same turn the game is a draw.

Special Rules

Captain of Rangers. The Rangers do not need to take courage tests for any reason such is the resolve and leadership of their captain, where as all good models count as being terrifying for the evil force.

Dangerous Ruins. The ruins of Fornost are old and dangerous. If any models are on upper levels of the ruins at the start of their move roll a D6 on a score of 1-3 the floor gives way and they fall to the ground below taking any fall damage as normal. On a score of 4-6 the floor is safe and they can move as normal.

The Howl of Wolves. From turn three onwards roll a D6 on a score of 5+ the Fell Wargs arrive as reinforcements and may deploy anywhere on the southern board edge and may move as normal except they can not charge. If on the fourth turn they haven't arrived they will on a score of 4+, they automatically arrive on the fifth turn.
The Fell Wargs do not count to the 25% breaking limit need for the good force to win the game.