Bree Town Guard

Materials and Equipment:
Warriors of Minas Tirith
Craft Knife
Small File


The Bree Town Guard was founded in the turmoil of the late Second Age. The guard includes gatekeepers as well as regular guardsmen; the latter trained only in a perfunctory way. There are only four gatekeepers, whose duty it us to keep watch at the gates of Bree at night and to question latecomers as to their business. Guardsmen incarcerate drunks and very occasional wrongdoers in the tiny jail in town. There are four branches of the guard, one in each village. Guardsmen spend their time patrolling the roads and borders if Bree-land or chasing bandits.
The guard wear the green livery of the Soldiers of Arnor of old and are equipped with fine platemail, shields, longswords, spears and longbows. They look completely out of place in the sleepy village and make a splendid sight.
The size of the guard is unusual for such a small place, but Bree is a fairly significant town and one of the few inhabited areas in the region. Its strategic location along the East Road and beside the borders of what was once Cardolan and Rhudaur have given it enhanced importance. The guard is commanded by Meneldir, an experienced soldier whose lineage comes from Fornost.
There is a small guardhouse in each village where most sleep. While a few of the guard are quartered with various families. The relationship between the two groups is good. A few locals with a yearning for adventure and excitement are also members of the guard. Although there hasn’t been much excitement, service in the guard affords an unparalleled opportunity to learn swordsmanship and archery from well trained competent soldiers.

This article show how you can easily make some town guard for Bree. I wanted my Bree Town Guard to look like a cross between Warriors of Minas Tirith an Warriors of Arnor, I decided the easiest way to make the conversion was to use plastic Warriors of Minas Tirith as a starting point.

The Tunic

I wanted the Bree Town Guard to have Tunics similar to the Warriors of Arnor, so taking a craft knife I used it to remove the plate mail from the upper legs and shape it into a tunic shape.

The Helmet

The Warriors of Minis Tirith have quite complex helmet designs and I wanted the Bree Town Guard to be simpler, so once more taking the craft knife I removed the detail and smoothed the helmet.

The Shield

The Warriors of Minas Tirith have a tree motif on their shield which is quite fitting and once more for the Bree Town Guard I wanted a simpler affair, so using a small file the design was removed.


That's all there is too it. I made four with sword, four with spear and four with bow and for use in an Tales supplement, in which the profile will be included.