Rosie Cotton

Materials and Equipment Used:
Lobellia Sackville Baggins Model
Goldberry Model
Green Stuff
Supper Glue

'Hullo, Sam!' said Rosie. 'Where've you been? They said you were dead;
but I've been expecting you since the Spring. You haven't hurried have you?'


Rosie lived with her family on South Lane, in a farm near Bywater. Her early life is not well recorded but it is known that she and her brothers frequently swam in the Bywater pool as youths. Her family was always close to the Gamgees, which was probably why she grew close to Samwise Gamgee. The two were already close friends with Rosie expecting a marriage proposal when Sam left the Shire, apparently for Crickhollow, and she was not pleased that he was away for a year, but she waited for him patiently.

The only female Hobbit model is Lobellia Sackville Baggins, so we will use that as the base body. This is a very simple conversion but the end results are great.

Off With Their Heads

The first step is to take your hobby saw and remove Lobellias head. This can be but aside in your bitz box for any future project. Next careful cut off Goldberry's head, you don't want any damage to it. Again put the body in your bitz box.

On With Her Head

Using super glue attach the Goldberry head onto the Lobellia body.

The Right Arm

Lobellia is waving an umbrella and this just won't do for Rosie Cotton so first this is carefully removed leaving just the clasped hand in place. Next the arm is removed at the shoulder and then repositioned so it is is pointing straight out.
As (at least in the movies) Rosie works in the Green Dragon an ale tankered was made out of Green Stuff and glued into her right hand.

Rosie Cotton

And that's all there is to it! You now have a Rosie Cotton model. Now if someone could come up with some interesting rules?