Equipment and Materials Needed:
Spider Models
Spider Queen Model
Green Stuff
Slate Chippings
Tea Leaves
Leaf Litter

Then the great spider, who had been busy tying him up while he dozed,
came from behind him and came at him. He could only see the things's eyes, but
he could feel its hairy legs as it struggled to wind its abominable threads
round and round him.


Sometimes the simplest conversion can have fantastic results. During the Fall of the Necromancer release Games Workshop made some spider models, whilst the sculpting was great on them the poses were a little flat, literally. Luckily being metal this can be remedied by repositioning the limbs.

The Spiders

This spider has had its legs bent at the knees to give it a more dramatic pose. This was done using pliers. When bending the legs put something around the legs, like foam, the protect them from damage from the pliers.

This spider has also been repositioned and a log added to it's base that it is climbing menecingly over. The log was made from a twig. The underside was drybrushed with Camo Green.

This spider is in a similar pose and again on a log but its front legs are reaching out to catch it's pray.

Of course there may not be a need to reposition all your spiders, you can leave one in its original pose.

The Mushrooms

You may of noticed that some of the spiders have some mushrooms on their bases. These are made from greenstuff and then glued on to the bases, but what are they for? They are a handy way to tell which spider is which on the table top when taking notice of wounds. I have no mushroom, one mushroom, two mushroom and three mushroom.

The Spider Queen

The Spider Queen has had her legs repositioned. This involved cutting them up the join to separate them as in the original model each set of legs is joined. This done very carefully as not to damage the model (and myself).

I glued pieces of slate chippings on the the base to give it more interest then bent the legs so that the Spider Queen fitted on nicely.

The Bases

I wanted my spider bases to look like they are from the floor of Mirkwood forest so to accomplish this the bases were painted Scorched Brown and then some tea leaves glued all over. Over this a few sprinkles of leaf scatter was applied to represent the fallen leaves from the tall trees. You can get leaf scatter from most hobby stores. I use http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/decorplus-leaf-litter.html.