Goblin Prowlers

Equipment and Materials:
Six Plastic Moria Goblins
Green Stuff
Model Snipers
Needle Nose File
Sculpting Tool
Two Axe/Spear Heads
Super Glue


The war gear for Moria Goblin Prowlers say they can have hand weapon, shields, bows and two handed weapons and the scenarios in Khazad Dum have two of each being used yet the only models released where of the two handed variety. I never got around to purchasing any as I was waiting for them to release the models with the desired war gear, which never happened. I also think the models are over expensive so came up with a cheap, simple way to make some Moria Goblin Prowlers.

The Conversion

Take six plastic Moria Goblins without helmets using two spear, two bow and two hand weapon. Prepare some green stuff and using a sculpting tool, apply a fine layer around the neck and shoulders to form a cowl. The easiest way to do this is to roll a fine sausage shape that is long enough to fit around the neck and then flatten it out. Use the back of the sculpting tool to do this.

Wet the sculpting tool and your fingers slightly to prevent the green stuff from sticking to them.

On some models around the mouth apply green stuff that will form a mouth covering.

Roll a flat rectangle of green stuff and wrap it around the head to form a hood.

On a few roll a small pea sized ball of green stuff and sculpt it into a pouch. These can hold the plunder from their victims.

Cut the spears away just above the hand and file down so that the surface is flat. You will now need two weapon heads from somewhere. I used some Easterling ones that I no longer needed. Cut the chosen weapon head and file down flat again. Using super glue, glue the weapon heads in place on the model.

Paint them using the Moria Goblin guide. The cowls and hoods are painted using a dark brown.

That's all there is to it. It's cheap, it's easy and it's effective. Six Goblin Prowlers with the war gear needed for little time and money