Of Mount Gram and the North - Snow Trolls

Both the Rohirrim and their foes suffered grievously in the cold,and in the dearth that lasted longer. In Helm's Deep there was a great hunger after Yule; and being in despair, against the king's counsel, Háma his younger son led men out on a sortie and foray, but they were lost in the snow. Helm grew fierce and gaunt for famine and grief; and the dread of him alone was worth many men in the defence of the Burg. He would go out by himself, clad in white, and stalk like a snow-troll into the camps of his enemies, and slay many men with his hands.


A long spur juts out of the western Misty Mountains, far into the north. For a hundred miles its slopes spread out and curve northward, as if to point to the ruins of accursed Angmar where the Witch-king once dwelt. The tallest, most jagged, most threatening peak in this spur is Mount Gram, a horn of rock rising from the slopes of other mountains as if they collapsed under its weight. Thousands of years ago it was delved and fortified by Dwarves, but it is now a home to monsters in a blighted land.

Deep beneath its roots is a Goblin fastness, a complex maze of a thousand holes and pits. For centuries, the Orcs of the Misty Mountains inhabiting Mount Gram have bitterly fought against the Rangers guarding the regions to the west of the Ettenmoors, the Coldfells and Trollshaws, and against the guardians of the hidden sanctuary of Imladris. Out of its gates issued the invading army that was defeated centuries ago at the Battle of Greenfields, when a Hobbit muster led by Bandobras Took, the Bullroarer, routed the Goblin horde of King Golfimbul.

Here are conversions of the Snow Trolls that may have inhabitted the region in and around Mount Gram and the North.

This is a short companion piece to the Of Mount Gram and the North - Snow Orcs article.

The Snow Troll

The Goblins of Moria have Cave Trolls to use for might, I decided to give the Snow Goblins the use of a Snow Troll. No actually Snow Troll appears in the story of The Lord of the Rings, but Helm Hammerhand was compared to one during the conflicts against the Dunlendings during the Long Winter.

The Snow Troll is made from a Cave Troll model. The arms have been repostitioned so that they are both facing downwards. The chain has been removed using clippers and then filing the remaining parts away. The Cave Trolls weapon has been replaces by a tree branch made from Green Stuff. Being they live in harsh cold conditions, I added fur over the cracked part of the Cave Trolls skin.
The troll was painted using shades of grey and white. The flesh was undercoated in black and then Codex Grey as a first layer. Fortress Grey was used for the second and details picked out in Skull White. The fur was painted Fortess Grey and then highlighted in Skull White.

The Bases

some of the bases static grass and foliage where added. The shades of grass and foliage used should be suitably wintery colourts. Woodland Scenics Burnt Grass is ideal. The bases where then covered in a snow flock. I used the Woodland Scenics variety but Games Workshop now make a similar product.
You can also add some snow flock in various places on the models to make them looked suitably snow swept.

The Rules

Simple, use the Cave Troll profile for the Snow Troll. Of course you are more than welcome to come up with your own house rules to use.