Defend at will with Fences, Walls and Hedges

Equipment, materials and paints used:
Corrugated Card
Making Tape
1/8" Thick Balsa Wood
1/4" Thick Balsa Wood
Small pebbles or Gravel
Scouring Pad
Green Flock
PVA Glue
Black Paint
Green Paint
Various Brown Paint
Various Grey Paint


Fences, walls and hedges not only add some interest and break up a flat table top but also add strategic possibilities as defendable barriers. The nice thing about them is they are painless to make too. You could of course just visit your local hobby store and buy some, but where is the fun in that?

All the fences, walls and hedges made here are based on a strip of corrugated card that is 1" wide and 6" long. The edges have all been covered in masking tape. I have so far made six of each so if you want to make as many pre-prepare 18 bases now.

One thing to consider while making the fences, walls and hedges is their defendable properties. With that in mind I have made all the fences, walls and hedges 1" high so that they can be defended.


Each fence consists of four posts and two strips. The posts are made from the 1/4" thick balsa wood. Cut them so they are about 1 1/4" inches long. Taking the 1/8" thick balsa wood cut 6" strips at 3/8" - 1/4" wide. You will need two 6" strips per fence and four posts.

Lay two post 6" apart and place the other two in between so that they are evenly separated. The strips are glue horizontally along the posts, leaving a gap top and bottom of the posts of about 1/8" - 1/4". One thing to remember when constructing the other fences is that the strips all line up.

Glue the fence onto a base.

Undercoat in black. Paint the base green and the fence itself a dark brown and drybrush some lighter browns over the top.


The wall made here are dry stone walls and are made from aquarium pebbles or gravel. Taking a base, apply a line of PVA glue running along the centre. Place some pebbles of roughly the similar shape and size along the glue and allow to dry. Apply some more glue along the top of the pebbles and lay another course. Keep going in this manner until you have a wall that is an inch high ( with the pebbles I used that was four courses ).

On some of the wall sections you can apply the stones as if there has been some damage to the wall and stones have fallen out of place.

Undercoat in black. Paint the base green and the fence itself a dark grey and drybrush some lighter greys over the top.


Take a scouring pad and cut a piece that is 6" long and just over 2" wide. Cover one side in glue and fold in half so you have a piece that is 6" long and 1" wide. Hold like this until the glue takes. Once it has dried glue to a base.

Undercoat the base black and then paint it green.

Cover it all (base and scouring pad) in PVA and sprinkle green flock over it. Make sure that you get 100% coverage. Shake off excess and allow to dry.

There you have, a guide to making fences, walls and hedges. These are very easy to make but add so much to your tabletop. You can also experiment with the construction to create some variety. Hope you enjoyed this short and simple article.