Objective Deck



The purpose of this deck is to add some variety and spice to your games in which objectives are to be recovered or captured. Normally these objectives in games are simply worth one victory point, but with this cards a random value can be assigned to the objectives making it more interesting each time you play. How you use them is up to you, although we have provided a few suggestions below and there will be forth coming scenarios released on the site that will make use of them.

To make simply download and print out the PDF using printable card and cut out the cards. When printed selected two sided printing so that the backs are printed on the reverse side. If your printer can not do this, print out as normal and glue to backs to the fronts using a glue stick.

How to Use

Shuffle the cards and place near to both players. Whenever an objective has been collected take the top card and see what it is you have found. There are four cards within the deck that are worth zero points, these can be removed if you wish every objective to be something of value.

Each time a player takes a card they keep them and at the end of the game each player totals the points value of all the cards they have.

The card is described as below:

1) Title. The title of the card being played.

2) Flavour text. This is a short bit of flavour text to help set the mood for the objective that has been found.

3) The points value. The victory points this card with gain the player who found this objective.


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