The Siege of Minas Loss

The Tale

Minas Loss (The Tower of Snow) is a smaller fortress than Minas Tirith or Minas Ithil (now the dreaded Minas Morgul), but like all fortresses of this size is still important to the protection of the realm of Gondor. It was
built close to the White Mountains and because of the snow that would blow down from the peaks was named Minas Loss. As with many of the Gondorian fortresses, it was constructed to protect traffic and
supplies to and from the major cities. If this fortress was to fall into enemy hands a much needed supply route would be lost.

The forces of the enemy know that by capturing this location they can weaken their enemies. Minas Loss is remote and isolated and as such, an easier target than most of the other fortresses.

Dismayed, the troops of Minas Loss watch as the forces of evil gather outside the walls preparing to lay siege. Cirion, having been given command of Minas Loss, orders the beacon to be lit. He knows that it will be some time before aid will reach them but even so he hopes that the fire will give courage to his men behind the walls. The nearest garrison is to the south and commanded by Gregethor, also known in the realm as the Black Knight due to the livery and armour that he wears being all black. A stout and grim man, but a champion and great knight, the warriors in his service are known for their valour and victories on the battle field. Hopefully they can reached the fortress before all is lost.


2 Battlecry Trebuchets
1 Avenger Bolt Thrower
1 Siege Banner *
Cirion, Lieutenant of Amon Barad
2 Citadel Guard with Longbow
2 Citadel Guard with Spear
2 Captains of Minas Tirith with shield
6 Warriors of Minas Tirith with bow
3 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shield
3 warriors of Minas Tirith with shield and spear
Gregethor, The Black Knight with horse, lance, and
5 Knights of Minas Tirith with shield
1 Knight of Minas Tirith with shield and banner

2 Mordor Siege Bows
1 Mordor War Catapult with Troll
1 Battering Ram
1 Siege Tower *
4 Ladders
Morannon Orc Captain with Two-handed weapon
8 Morannon Orcs with Shield and Spear
Mordor Uruk-hai Captain with Shield
4 Mordor Uruk-hai with Shield
4 Mordor Uruk-hai with Two-handed weapon
4 Mordor Uruk-hai with Orc bow
2 Orc Captains
12 Orc Warriors with Orc Bow
4 Orc Warriors with Shield and Hand Weapon
4 Orc Warriors with Spear


A fortress should be set up 12” from the northern board edge with the gates being in the centre of the wall. There should be four towers as well.
The rest of the board should be largely flat, with the odd rocky outcrop scattered about.

Starting Positions

The Good player deploys their troops and siege engines in their deployment zone. Gregethor and his knights are not placed on the board yet and will be kept for later.
The Evil player then deploys their troops and siege engines in their deployment zone.


The evil player must gain access to this fortress to weaken their enemies’ defences. They will win the game if the gates of Minas Loss are breached and
the good side are reduced to 25%. Gregethor and his knights do not count towards this amount.

The good player must repel this assault and as such will win if the evil sided is reduced to 25%.

Special Rules

Siege Tower. 3 or more models are needed to push the siege tower at half the speed of the slowest model. If there are 6 or more models pushing it can be moved at the full speed of the slowest model. Trolls count as 3 models. Models are free to move inside the tower following the normal rules for ladders. Bow armed models do not count as having moved if they are stationary within the tower but
the tower has been moved. Once in position the ramp can be lowered and counts as an elevated position for those standing upon it. The tower has a Defence of 10 and 4 Wounds. If the tower is destroy and models within fall to the ground taking
a Strength 3 hit for every 1”(2cm) they fall.

Siege Banner. A Siege Banner is a larger version of a normal banner and has the following additional rules: It cannot be carried by anyone and once
positioned stays there for the remainder of the battle (unless destroyed). It has a range of 12”. It has a Defence of 5 and 2 Wounds.

The Beacons were lit. The beacons have been lit to call for reinforcements from Gregethor when the forces of Mordor appeared but they will take some
time to arrive. From turn six onwards at the start of the good player’s movement phase they must roll a D6, on the result of a 6 Gregethor and his knights have arrived and start on the south board edge. If they do not arrive this round, on subsequent turns the needed is reduced by 1, so for the next turn the resulted needed is 5, then 4, then 3 and so on, until the result needed is 1 and in which case they will automatically arrive.


You can download this scenario as a PDF with a handy reference sheet of the troops involved.

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