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What are the rules of this site?
Don't use bad language.

Be courteous to other members.

Only use correct English. No internet slang such as "I am a noobie, plz hlp me. hav a go plz" and so forth. It makes it harder for people for whom English is not their first language.

Asking for offical profiles is not allowed.

But most of all have fun.
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What are the site rankings and how do they work?
Site rankings are worked out on how many votes you have for your gallery submissions and journal entries as well as how active you are on the forums. The higher your site ranking the more pictures you can put in your galleries and the more journal entries you can make.

The current rankings are:

Lore Master
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Can I have an Avatar?
Yes you can, when displayed on the site they are sized to be 150 X 150 so it is best that you the image to that size. It needs to be hosted somewhere such as Image Shack or Photo Bucket, get the url to your image and copy in the appropriated section when editing your profile.
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What are the coins all about?
Coins are how many votes you get for your gallery submissions and journal (when its online) posts. It goes towards working out your site ranking.
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What are they?
These are an area where you can show of your work to the world. well members and vistors to this site anyway.

We have currently have two different galleries. One for pictures of your full miniatures (painting, conversions and sculpts) and a Terrain Gallery for all of your terrain projects. You can upload work in progress pictures.

Please submit pictures in the correct galleries.
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How do I upload a picture and get it on the site?
When uploading pictures please take the following into consideration.

Pictures must be no bigger than 800 X 600

Filesize must be 200k or under

Must be in jpeg format

If your picture needs editing use a paint package to edit it, such as Paint Shop Pro, Photo Shop, or Paint.net. I tend to use Paint.net because it is free and easy to use.

Here is a quick guide to editing your picture in paint.net:

Download Paint.net and install from HERE. Note: ToME can take no responsibility for anything that happens to your PC by installing this software.

Open your picture within Paint.net and if your picture is bigger than 800 X 600, goto Image > Resize ( or press and hold Ctrl + R) and make sure "Maintain aspect ratio" is checked. In the Width Field type 800, the height will automatically be set to the correct value (note: this of course may not be 600, it depends on the aspect ratio of your picture).

Goto File > Save As and from the "Save as type" drop down list, choose JPEG.

Save Configuration dialog will appear, for now leave this as defaulted and click OK. You can use this to change the end quality of the picture. The better the quality the bigger the file size.

Your picture now should be ready to upload to ToMEgalleries.

From the drop down list select which gallery suits your picture best.

Give your picture a name, this will be displayed under your image.

Fill in the description field to tell us a bit about this picture.

If you want to automatically create a feedback thread in the feedback forum check the Create Forum Feedback Post option.
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When I try to upload it keeps telling me the pictures are too big.
Reduce the size then ;) We have to have an upperlimit as we only have limit server space that we pay for.

The maximum file sixe for a pic should be 200k, but please keep it well under that. The maximum dimensions of the picture should be 800 X 600 and under.

To reduce size and dimension use a graphic package such as Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro
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Hey! My pictures keep disapearing after a few days are you guys deleting them?
Possibly any picture that wedeem to be a waste of our disk space for any of the following reasons shall be instantly deleted without warning, without apology and without explanation.

TOO DARK - Right, so the dark shape on the left is supposed to be Frodo and the darker shape on the right is a Ringwraith? CHOP! Turn on more lights, shine a torch at the figures, take them outside on a sunny day, light candles, do whatever you need to, but if we cannot see the paint job then you are wasting our time and yours. More pertinantly you are wasting someone elses money. The good news is the problem is easily fixed at your end.

OUT OF FOCUS - Just because you took a fuzzy picture of an unrecognisable figure does not mean that we want to see it either. CHOP! The fact that you are uploading a digital photograph means that you know before you hit the "upload" button exactly how it looks. If the picture is fuzzy, then take another version. And another. And another if necessary. Experiment with the focal length of the lens, find out how far the camera needs to be away from the figures. I know with some cameras that it is almost impossible to get a decent close-up, my old digi-cam was the same, but that is no excuse for uploading unviewable pictures.

ENDLESS VIEWS OF THE SAME FIGURE - This is less of an issue these days as you have only a set number of slots to use in your gallery. Still, I should mention it now to explain why a lot of older pictures got deleted. Yes, I know that your latest figure looks nice from every angle but CHOP! that does not mean we need to see it from every angle. 1 front and rear view really should give a viewer all they need to know about your painting skill. Sometimes there is a model that is significantly impressive or different that justifies extra views, but for run of the mill stuff please keep a sense of perspective here. Ok, that's my badguy bit over with, now some tips on how best to make use of the galleries: 1/ Resize your pictures. If you change the resolution of the picture down to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels you'll make it easier to view and it will have a smaller filesize. 2/ Compression. Save the picture as a jpeg and move the "quality" slider bar over to a 5 or even a 4. You'll be amazed how much you can squash the filesize down and still have a decent looking picture. 3/ Learn how to take better pictures.
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What Are They?
The Journals have been added to the site for you to use, you can use these as a personal diary of what you are up to in the hobby or even for writing your very own articles.

To add a Journal Entry, click on the link "Add Journal Entry" found on the menu on the right or whilst browsing for journals.

First choose a category that best describes this entry. This will be used when people are looking through the journals they can filter what they are looking for, and will be used for searches in the future.

Give your journal a subject title that suitably describes the content and in the body write your journal. You can format it using BBCode as normal but there are a few changes. The is the added box out code, this creates the box you see in the articles for the equipment and materials used. Clicking the Img button inserts articleimg This is a special image tag that surrounds the image in a border like you see in the articles. So you can format your journal in the same way as the site articles.

Next is the Create Forum Post check box. Tick this if you automatically want a post created in the feedback forum so people can give feedback about your journal. Un tick this if you do not wish this to happen. By default it is not ticked.

And that's it! I look forward to reading your journal entries and articles.
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I tried to post a journal and it said: You have reached your limit for journal posts.
This is because you have reached the amount of journal posts you are allowed to post based on your site ranking. The higher your ranking the more journals you can post and more pictures you can submit.

The ranking is based on the amount of votes you get for journal entries and gallery pictures as well as your post count so the best way to get a higher ranking is to get involved with the site community, be active, and get votes.
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