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The Summer Comes along with Work, Workouts and Warfare
Hello Everyone,

I know me posting something has been a long time in the coming, but finally I'm able to. For most of you here who don't know me I go to college far away from where all of my miniatures are, and because of this I'm unable to paint or do anything much with them.

Thankfully I've gotten out of school and have been home and have recently picked up these gems off of eBay.

In all it's about roughly a 1400-1500 points worth of Gondor that I all got second hand and in good shape.

All though I'm happy with all of the models I'm particularly excited about these models (the ranger Representing all of the rangers I got, which is 12 in all).

I'm quite excited about the potential that I have with the different hero's as I have all of the captain, hero's of Gondor I want and will be able to test out each of the different options in turn.

I'm also excited for getting the Battlecry Trebuchet, since I've always been a fan of sieges and have been wanting to recreate these. I will have plenty of Gondorians to do this with as well.

If anyone has any advice on stripping plastic I would love to hear it and any advice anyone has about anything! Hopefully I can keep you all updated with any progress I make.

Cheers and God Bless,


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