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Building a Gaming Room
A few years ago (okay it may be 14 years) I created a medieval/Lord of the Rings themed gaming room in my attic room. It was glorious, so glorious in fact that my wife evicted me from it and turned it into our bedroom.

So now I decided it is high time I had another medieval/Lord of the Rings themed gaming room in which to play the game in. So using the spare room upstairs (that once was my bedroom before that moved to the attic room), I have started to create a new themed gaming room. This journal entry will chart its progress.

So far I have spent the past few weeks emptying it of things that I don't want in there and things that I do. In other words anything that is not game or Lord of the Rings has been removed and any Lord of the Rings stuff elsewhere in the house has been included. Also my sword collection would now have a place to live.

There was a built in wooden desk in the room the I stained that using Jacobean Oak Beeswax. I also had a storage box that I stained in this. I had some guitars that used to hang in this room (there are still two that have to hang here), so used the wall hangers to hold some swords and my breast plate armour. I purchased two medieval banners and being as I live in Kent, I purchased a Kent flag which emblem is a white horse which I thought was very fitting and like Rohan. This Kent flag was used to hide the hanging guitars, with the banners being hung either side of it.

I plan to paint the chimney a red colour and add some iron wall sconces. Any candles I use shall be LED ones. I have two on order at the moment that will be placed in the large candle stick holders that can be seen on the desk in the picture above.

I added some multi-coloured fabric bunting along the window and will add some tassels to these when the arrive.

The wall opposite the fireplace has a sofa that I want to cover in some sort of suitable material in time, but at the moment my cat seems to like it. There is also an area for my terrain. I will be adding more shelves on the right for extra model storage.

One thing you may notice that is an actual table! This is here but it is a drop down table that is under the shelves, covered under the red velvet material.

One of my recent fun purchases was a set of old keys that I thought for the price I paid would be a Halloween prop made from moulded plastic but in fact was made from cast iron.

I still have a lot of work to do and it will probably a year long project but I shall post progress updates as and when they are made.

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