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In the beginning .....
I about to start to journey on the long road to Brie. On nearly touching the young age of 40 my wife bought me a Hobbit set, Hunter Orcs for Christmas. Well, imagine my face......the best Christmas present a free man could wish for, no socks, no pants,,,,no cheap leather wallet. Something I was actually pleased to receive. So I went on the old E-bay, bought myself a rule book, more citadel miniatures, mines of moria strategy game, and the rest is history. I stumbled across this excellent page which seems to tick most of the boxes for painting technique, board terrain and ideas. I've only just started painting and I'm hooked. Not very good but I'm sure it will fall into place. I'll post my first attempt soon and I would like constructive criticism please,,,, regards

Biff of Gondor

One simple can't walk into Mordor.

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