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Moria Madness
So after making the cavern and mountain pieces of terrain ( see HERE ), I decided that I wanted to make more moria pieces.

West Gate

So starting with the west gate I started work. I planned to use the mountain side built in the above article I got to work on the main door. I would be housed in the cut away mountain section. The door itself is made from foamcore.

I still need to make the holly trees that grow either side. I always imgained these as just that, holly trees which have green leaves throughout the year, where as the movie portrays them as leafless so I am deciding which route I want to take. I am also making the Waters pool. For the scenario I am going back to the tentacles rather than the current GW model as I feel that is better. I have already sculpted a Water head too and they are all now painted. I did some nice water effect on the bases and everything is coated in shiny varnish so it looks wet. I am just deciding the best approach I want to take for water pieces. The most common way is of course to have a water section with about inch thich banks either side, but this leads to some fairly unrealistic water sections as the banks suddenly spring up out of the ground. I am thinking some wider bank sections where they gradually get higher so you don't notice it as much. Also I am thinking the water will be water effects stuff rather than painted. There will be an article about this coming soon.

The Mines

The next part of moria I am making is the mines which is on the western side of Moria. In the film you see them traverse over cavernous platforms, so using the rock pieces from the above article, I am going to make walkway platforms and stairs and create passages across the rock pieces going up, down, across etc almost making a maze. I will use the mountain side to represent the inside side of the mountain and add some sections either side of it so it can span four foot.

Dwarven Corridors

Next up are Dwarven corridors. These will be modular in a simalar way to the Modular Mirkwood Pieces in that they will be corridor tiles that can be arranged in many different ways.

I am planning on making 2 straights, 2 bends, 2 t-juntions and 2 chambers with four exits so are effectively crossroads and maybe a throne room. I only have a few sections left today.

I am working on a scenario for using these pieces too that will add some interest to the game and recreate the maze like feel. There will be an article coming about these too.

I also carved a Dwarven statue too that I am planning on making a mould of and cast lots of for use in Moria.

Dwarrowdelf and Balin's Tomb

Dwarrowdelf will actually be easy as it will just be a four by four board covered in pillars, the difficult part will be making the pillars and making lots of them, it's a shame Thomarillion stopped selling theirs which would of been perfect.

Balin's Tomb will be similar to the corridors above, I am thinking of making it in four sections for easy storage. I have been gathering many reference pictures. I will use the terrain pieces from the Mines of Moria boxset but they will be cut in to the foamcore floor so they don't jut out. There are a few Balin's Tomb scenarios made by GW so I am decided which one I will base mine of, the original is 48" by 48" so will reject this as being too large. The one in the FotR journey book is 18" by 18" so may go for this size but the scenario itself is a load of jank. The one in the Hobbit book is 24" by 24" and plays a lot better (well done Adam)

Durin's Causeway and the Bridge of Khazad Dum

I started this last weekend and was imediately pleased with the results. I need to glue the pieces together and get to work on the brickwork texture and that will pretty much be it, an easy make but an impressive piece.

Normally when you see The Bridge of Khazad Dum terrain made it is just a flat block going across, but in the movie the underneath is arched so that is what I will do with mine, this actually shouldn't take too long to make.

The East Gate

By the time we get to the East Gate everything needed to set up would of been made! An easy one this.
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