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Cavern Bits WiP
Well lets kick off the first Journal on the site with some information about a project I am currently working on. I have decided to make some cavern/barren bits of terrain. These can be used in any cavern and barren boards such as scenario three in The Hobbit, The Last Alliance, Goblin Town, Moria etc.

My plan is to create out of extruded foam some various heights of rock formation, these can be used on there own or to support walkways, such as the Goblin Town paths. When it comes to Goblin Town I shall also be making some wooden platforms and supports to mix it up some.

I begun by taking squares of foam and carving them in to rock shape. I was not worried about the finish too much as they are going to be covered in Modrock.

The plan is to be able to arrange the layout in many different ways:

For the Goblin Kings throne area I will be using the bits from the Hobbit starter set and I made a plinth for it to stand on to give it some extra height:

Here's a few pictures of the finished carved pieces:

I am next going to be making a hill somewhat similar in design to the GW one, in that it can be arrange in different ways to create different hill shapes but it will be a cavern piece. The plan is to use it for the fissures in scenario 3 amongst other things.

Once this is cut out, today I am going to cover it all in Modrock, let dry and get painting.

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